A lot of people say they are afraid of heights. Most of them are wrong. It’s not the height they are afraid of, it’s the fall. You reach the top and then you realize it would be a long, terrifying journey to the bottom. It can be said in any situation: physically, mentally, emotionally. On a mountain, if you slip, it can be thousands of feet to the bottom of that mountain. In society, if you reach the top of the social ladder and you make a wrong move or say something you shouldn’t have, it can plummet you to the bottom of the ladder. Your reputation is ruined and you may never be able to restore it.

This can cause people to never try. But there is another end of the spectrum. Reaching the top of anything, be it a tree, mountain, social ladder, or goal, can make you feel incredibly successful, And that can give you an entirely new type of high.

So while the fall may be terrifying, if you are careful, you can be happy at the top. But who wants to be careful all the time?

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