Braces and Changes

I have had braces since July 25, 2012 and I will be getting them off June 2, 2014. What amazes me is how much has changed during those almost two years.

To start with, my pain tolerance level has sky-rocketed. I mean, my general assumption before going to each orthodontist appointment was that my teeth would hurt after, so I always made sure the car was stocked with pain meds (although, it has come to the point of not usually needing pain meds). Before I got braces, my eyes teared up at a scratch, so don’t even get me started on what it was like to get the braces on. Now, I just grit my teeth (but not literally because that would make them hurt more), take some Advil if it’s necessary, and deal.

My life has also changed a lot when it comes to friends. I gained friends, I lost friends, and I strengthened the relationships I had with friends. In these past couple of years, I’ve learned how important it is to have a group of people you can count on no matter what and that there is no excuse for someone not following through with their end of the friendship.

My activities have changed. I have started doing things, like this blog and dedicating more of my time to writing fiction. I cut my hair again for Locks of Love. I started high school. I stopped doing ballet. I joined the track team. I stopped running cross country. I found out that high school doesn’t exactly allow for a lot of reading time.

I also joined more fandoms. I started watching Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Supernatural (just finished the 4th season). I started the Hobbit. I started rereading the Harry Potter series (which isn’t exactly joining the fandom, but it has been so long since I first read them that it might as well have been). I started and finished the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I started Emma Approved. I reread Pride and Prejudice for the third time (and am currently working on reading it for the fourth time). Disney has also been great.

I learned more, both about myself and about others. I’m stronger than I thought. Tears are temporary. The people of the past don’t matter in the present and future. There are reasons behind why people write the way they do. Ask people if they are okay and being willing to listen to any story with a loving heart and an open mind. People aren’t always what they first seem. Teachers aren’t always right. Adults give advice because they don’t want to see you make the same mistakes they did.

As happy as I will be to no longer have to deal with cuts in my mouth, pain in my teeth, a sore jaw, and being unable to eat carmel, I will miss my braces. A lot happened while they were on; it will be interesting to see what will happen after they come off.

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