A Movie Theater of Tears

There will not be any spoilers in this.

Last night, I went with a group of friends to see The Fault in Our Stars. My friend Marisa saw the showing on the 5th and when she got back, she texted to our group text, “No words.” After seeing the movie, I have to agree. At least in some sense, anyway.

The movie was, in my opinion, just as good as the book even though it did not follow the book to the last detail. It made me feel just as much as the book made me feel.

So while I do not have many words when it comes to the movie itself, I do have a few words for the audience that saw it with me.

You all were fantastic. Every single one of you. You laughed during the right parts, you were silent during the right parts, and we all sobbed together during the right parts. The last one, though, is I think the most important. I know of several people, especially in the group I went with, sobbing and crying for almost the whole thing. There were, however, two spots in particular that made, everyone cry (at the very least, all of the girls). The only sounds were the voices of the actors and sobbing.

That said, I just want to send a warm thank you to everyone in that movie theater, even though you don’t exactly know who you are based off of this post.

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