Summer Studies

My friend Anya wrote a post a few days ago about being exhausted. In it, she mentioned the work school requires us to do over the summer. I suggest you read it here before you read this post. It’s not long.

What I find ironic is that when she gave the other options for history work instead of the book, I inwardly cringed. The online museum is the one I really don’t like the idea of, but doing a presentation doesn’t sound too appealing, either. Maybe it’s just because we do presentations all year long and research is probably my least favorite thing to do ever, although doing the actual presenting is not great.

Like most people, I loath researching a topic I have no interest in,  but I don’t particularly enjoy researching stuff I do like. I don’t like the risk of finding out something I’d rather not know. I don’t like the mystery and magic of the unknown being taken away. I’m okay with a small bit of research for something I’m writing about, like treatment for bruised knuckles after a fight scene, but diving deep is not my idea of fun.

The thing is, I would much rather struggle through a book I don’t very much care for than research and create a presentation for something I love, because it’s learning about something I’ve never known about before versus learning more about something I probably already know enough about to be happy.

I guess my main point is that some people hate the way they are taught and want something different and new, but some people like “the old way”.  It’s important through all of the design thinking and innovation to remember that not everything needs to be changed. On the other hand, because some people do need a change, maybe we simply need to add. Add new options and new possibilities, not change or replace the old.

So, add. Don’t subtract or replace. Just add. And this is coming from a girl who doesn’t like math.


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