Innovation Diploma 4: ROAM and COI

A lot has been going on in my life recently and I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep, so unfortunately I don’t remember very much from the last couple of weeks, so this post will probably be shorter than past posts.

A little while ago, I and a few others gave our first internals, a little presentation updating where we are in our i- and coVentures. I liked hearing what others were doing and being able to both give and receive feedback. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a huge opportunity to go through the feedback thoroughly, so I need to do that soon.

The day after the internals, we went to a place called ROAM, a place people in the adult world go to to do work. There have already been a few posts about it, so I won’t go too much into it, but it was cool.

We also finally built something! Well, at least it was finally for me. Oh, and this was another day. Anyway, we brought the cart (boxes full of stuff on wheels) out and prototyped our plan for the day. Mr. Adams had asked me and a couple other people if we wanted to go on a learning walk, so I prototyped that, blogging about it, and then working on my other iVenture: a novel. I really only got the first thing done, though, because once we came back from the learning walk, we discussed and then it was time to go.

And then yesterday, we had Council on Innovation, or COI for short. COI is when various chiefs and executives of various companies come to my school and participate in a day of design thinking. The day was started with a welcome and explanation of what we would be doing. Then I and several others took notes during a discussion of the article The Creativity Crisis. Some of the topics discussed included seeing the creativity crisis in their industries and whether or not you could learn creativity. After the discussion, we had lunch in groups of 2 teachers, 2 parents, 2 students (one of whom was an ID member), and 2 Council members (one of whom was an alumni from last year’s Council). At lunch, we talked about creativity: when we feel most creative, the space we feel most creative in, how to encourage creativity, etc. After lunch, this year’s Council members and some of the high school students split up into groups of 4 and completed a design thinking challenge. After that was over, the students left, and as far as I know, the adults just did closing words and “thank you”s.


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