Weekly Reads

Quick introduction:

Alright, so I’ve wanted to do a blogging challenge for a while, and why this will not exactly be the type of challenge people usually do, it will be challenging enough for a busy high schooler. Each week, I will create a blog post with all of my “reads” of the week. I put the “reads” part in quotation marks because some of these will be videos. And I suppose it won’t exactly be “all” either because I don’t think you all want to read my notes for Chemistry. Some of the posts will be longer than others, depending on how much time I have/make.

I’m not going to add descriptions because I think the titles should be enough for you to decide whether or not you are interested in reading it. I also, quite frankly, don’t want to spend the time to come up with a description that summarizes the work in the best way possible and make sure that that description is as unbiased by my previous experiences as possible.


Here begins my attempt at a “blogging challenge”:


3 thoughts on “Weekly Reads

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  2. Kat,

    Thanks for sharing your reading and watching. For my weekly post of #MustReads, I use a feature that connects my Diigo with my WordPress. As I read, I use my Diigo-let tool to highlight, note take, etc. If I mark article with a certain hashtag, then my WordPress pulls that piece for the Sunday post. It’s all automated. Let me know if you ever want to explore this method.

    Mr. A

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