Innovation Diploma 6: Playbooks and Panels

This week began the first week of picking what you’re going to work on this semester. Seven people decided they want to continue working on the room, but I am not one of them, so I have no idea what they have decided/are deciding on.

This semester, I will be working on the Student Voice coVenture Anya and I start last semester and a Preparing for leading a FlashLab coVenture with Abigail. Right now, as they are both working on the room, so I’m by myself.

We started the week making How Might We questions for our ventures, trying to expand our thinking as much as possible. I focused on the Student Voice venture for this and organized my into the categories Discover, Encourage, Share, Redesign, and Include. The next step was to map out what we would do for next steps based off of a specific How Might We.

The Kick-Off Meeting for everyone leading the design challenge in Switzerland is coming up in a week, so Abigail and I met with a few of the teachers also involved to go over how we’re going to lead that meeting. To prepare for leading the challenge, all of the students that are going were invited to go through training for Fuse, a three day design thinking challenge/conference/convention (I need another “c” word that combines these three) my school hosts for other lovers of design thinking (I hope I didn’t butcher that explanation, Mr. Adams).

Speaking of Fuse, this year is Fuse15 and I, the rest of iD, and 8 other students have been asked to help host it this summer. My blog post from going last year can be found here. I’m super excited for this after last year’s experience and even more excited because I will be doing more than participating (I mean, participating is great, but I personally prefer to have some part in leading things).

Also this week, I very thoroughly went through the Design Thinking Playbook my school made. First off, that thing is huge. Fifty-two pages, to be exact. We also had a bit of a hard time printing out a smaller copy on regular paper so I could actually mark it up and I most definitely do not have a favorite between Mrs. Cureton and Mr. Adams. This is to help pick which pages we want to use at the design challenge this summer, but I admit it was a bit premature considering we don’t know what we’re going to use as the actual challenge. It was kind of fun, though, considering I’ve never actual gone all the way through the playbook. When I did an internal on it later that day, someone brought up creating a new page if I needed it and I hadn’t thought of that before, so we’ll see if I end of going through with that idea.

On Friday, Anya, Abigail, Mrs. Cureton, and I spoke at a panel for Innovation Diploma at the Atlanta Area Technology Educators conference(?). It was my school’s turn to host the four of us joined everyone else during an amazing presentation by Mr. Edwards, a teacher in the high school the students affectionately call Tedwards, talking about how his students used a 3D printer, empathy, and no grades to create a hand for Alex, a young man who didn’t have one. After that, we had lunch and it was time for the different sessions. I think it went pretty well and it was pretty interesting to learn what educators from other schools know about some of the things that students and schools are doing.

This last bit is more of a personal thing that doesn’t have as much to do with iD. For English and history, I’m doing a discourse analysis research paper on the Finnish and American education. My working thesis is “The Finnish discourse around education is centered around child-wellbeing, while the American discourse is centered around testing; this discourse impacts how children see themselves.” I need at least 10 (mostly primary) sources by the end of the paper and while I have plenty of American authors talking about what Finland is doing, I don’t have many with Finnish authors talking about what Finland or America is doing or American authors talking about what America is doing. It would be wonderful if you have anything concerning these topics and would like to send it to me. Blog posts, news articles, anything. Feel free to self-promote if you’ve written something about this.


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