An Update

I’m a high school junior, and unfortunately that means a lot of things: time to start searching for colleges, tougher classes, needing to get better grades, an uptake in responsibilities, taking leadership positions in club and around the school, and this is just for school. I’ve been rather busy recently between several clubs, 4 APs, Innovation Diploma, prepping for the ACT, making time for friends, and trying not to go insane. Unfortunately, some things have fallen between the cracks as I started the school year and tried to get to a place where I had a comfortable rhythm. I think I’ve finally reached that place, so I’m going to try adding some things back into my life, like blogging.

I was thinking about making my blog a bit different this year. I’ll have more weekly reflections for Innovation Diploma, and those are not going to be perfect. I’m making that promise to both you and to myself now: they will not be perfect, and that is okay. I will also have blog posts for the AP Lang collab-couse I made with Anya (find out more about that here), and those range from reflection to argument to reading analysis. I think I’ll be timing those 1) so I get used to writing on a timer and 2) so I can hold myself to “the blog posts you do don’t need to be perfect.”

In the next few days in particular, I’ll be transferring some post from one blog to another, so on WordPress and/or Twitter, expect a bit of a mass send-out because of that.

I also want to talk a bit more about my story and my past. In these last couple of years of high school, I want to go back to the activities I got joy from when I was younger but had to drop when I got to high school. I also want to be more self-reflective, growth oriented, and insightful. Some of it, I know, won’t be the happiest of confessions, but I want to get down to why I am who I am and how I came to be here. And as Anne Lamott once said, “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” Does this mean this blog will turn into one big complaining session? I really hope not, because that won’t be fun for anyone. I just want to tell my story to the fullest truth that I know, and to hopefully learn something along the way.

Come the new year, I’m going to start a monthly challenge to myself where I have a different theme for every month and I will blog every day in that month using that theme. I’ve been wanting to do a blog challenge for a while and I think this will be a good way of exploring different mediums through which to tell my story.

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