Essential Qualities of a High School Graduate

(This was written in 20 minutes, so please excuse any mistakes)
In Part 2 of #EdJourney, Grant Lichtman has his master list of the “Essential Qualities of a High School Graduate” which is comprised of words that high schoolers came up with. Some of these words seemed pretty similar to me at first glance, so I wanted to go through and give my definitions for each of these words.
  • Persistence – you keep going, throughout the rough spots and times when you want to quit
  • Confidence – you know you know what you’re doing
  • Resilience – you get back up after falling flat on your face
  • Patience – taking a deep breath, not loosing your temper, and waiting until everyone understands.
  • Openness – listening to and maybe accepting others’ ideas
  • Creativity – coming up with new ideas to try
  • Adaptability – you’re flexible and go with the flow, even when things change for the negative
  • Courage – you know that you don’t know it, but you’re willing to learn it, even if it’s going to be tough
  • Perspective – how you see something
  • Empathy – understanding how others see something
  • Self-control – knowing how to say “no” for your best interest

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