January Joys: Art

Today, I went to my local art museum with my family because there’s an exhibit on the Hapsburg Dynasty with portraits, suits of armor, and pieces of clothing. I also wandered through an exhibit about the clothes created by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen.

During the Hapsburg Dynasty, clothes were very specifically designed to reflect each person’s rank, which resulted in men’s clothes being more diverse than they ever had been before or have been since. Iris van Herpen creates clothes out of wire, 3D printing material, and other unusual materials.

There’s something interesting about the art people create. Art is so much a part of who each of us is. But it’s also a very public way of sharing ourselves. There are details that mean more to the artist than the viewer, and details that mean more to the viewer than the artist. And while I don’t think all of the artist expect their work to be around 100 years in the future, sometimes it is, and sometimes other people feel something because of it.

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