The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1-3

(There are The Great Gatsby spoilers in this)

For AP Lang, Anya and I decided to read The Great Gatsby, an American classic. Because it has nine chapters, every three chapters I will write about my thoughts so far.

I am a feminist, and for me that means what happens to women in books stands out a lot when I’m reading, and this book is no exception.

In the first few chapters, we’re present with a few very different women: Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson, Catherine, Mrs. McKee, and various unnamed women at Gatsby’s party.

In particular, the affair between Tom Buchanan – Daisy’s husband – and Myrtle Wilson stood out to me, as it was probably supposed to. While it’s obviously a big deal that there is an affair, what with the town talking about how scandalous it is that Tom takes Myrtle out to lunch, neither Tom not Myrtle seems particularly interested in keeping the affair a secret. Maybe it’s his wealth and her self-importance that make neither of them see any reason for keeping it a secret, but they’re also not doing anything about being together permanently. Catherine, Myrtle’s sister, remarks that even though neither of them is happy with their spouse, they can’t get married because Daisy is Catholic and therefore doesn’t believe in divorce. Nick Carraway, the narrator, expresses confusion to the reader over Daisy being Catholic because she’s not, and it made me wonder why Tom lied. He obviously don’t care about the scandal it would cause, but is he just simply not interested in being married again? Is he interested in Myrtle more as a novelty and reason for gossip to be centered around himself rather than as a person with whom to spend the rest of his life? Does he recognize that Daisy needs a place to be and raise their child?


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