January Joys: Snuggling

The other day, a friend of mine gave me the award of “Best Snuggler,” which is saying something considering how much she likes to snuggle with other people. She was jokingly asking how it could be possible that I’m so good at it, and I jokingly replied that it might be because I love her so much, or because I just let people snuggle with me however they want to snuggle with me and I’m not picky about it.

Either way, there’s something nice about snuggling with another person. Something comforting about being held in someone’s arms for no other reason than they want to. Something that makes you feel needed and wanted and loved.

I’m not a huge fan of over-the-top gestures of affection being given to me, so I tend to show my affection for others in smaller ways. A touch on the arm while we’re talking, asking if someone is okay or having a good day, smiling when I see them, or giving a quick hug if we’re close enough. Sometimes it’s even just standing a little closer to them when we’re talking than I would with other people.

But sometimes, I just like to either hold someone else in my arms or be held in someone else’s arms for an extended period of time while we watch a movie or just talk about like.

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