January Joys: Nicknames

I love getting nicknames. I love giving nicknames. I love the endearments and the inside jokes and the kind words that make up nicknames.

In eight grade, I started picking up different terms of endearment for my friends. Sweetie, sweetheart, sugar, honey, and dear became popular ones depending on who I was talking to. It’s only increased since then and sometimes I’ll use one (to someone’s amusement) without even thinking about how awkward it could be. Because to me, those terms go to the people I love, from my family to my friends.

I have friends who call me terms of endearment, too. Boo, dear, and love seem to be common ones, but I’ve heard others. I also have plenty of inside joke nicknames with friends, things that were created from random conversations but will now stay forever in my memory.

There’s something nice about getting a nickname from a friend. It’s an unspoken “I love you” or “I care about you” every time you hear it. It’s memories and happiness and knowledge all wrapped into one word. Nicknames make me smile, and I like smiling.

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