January Joys: Smiles

I don’t think anything shows joy better than smiles, so I suppose that with how much I smile it makes sense that I have a lot of things to be joyful about.

I like smiling, and laughing. I try to surround myself with happy and funny people in a quest to increase the number of smiles I share with the world. They also have a habit of pulling me out of a brooding or sad mood, reminding me that the world will go on despite its imperfections.

There have been times in my life that smiles were few and far between. There have been times smiles felt forced and fake on my face, no matter how sincerely I meant them. So I cherish the smiles I have now, knowing there may come another time when the smiles aren’t as frequent.

Tonight, as I watched my school’s winter play and laughed along to the funny bits and tried to keep the smile of my face from showing too much (there are disadvantages to sitting in the front row), I couldn’t help but think about how many things there are in the world to smile about, if only you remember to relax and let them happen.


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