January Joys: Church

I go to a pretty cool church with some pretty cool people.

There was once a time I was probably a borderline atheist. Not because I didn’t think a God could possibly exist, but because I didn’t see how it could impact my life in any way. I also didn’t want to have someone to blame for my problems. I didn’t want an excuse. But something changed that made me realize I needed someone, something. I still didn’t want someone to blame, but I wanted to be able to talk to someone and for them to listen without giving advice.

I asked a friend if I could start going to church with her at the beginning of summer and spent a few weeks in her small group before joining one of the ones for my own grade.

Now, I have two fantastic small group leaders I know I can talk to whenever I need to, a handful of new outside-of-school friends, and a community of accepting and loving people. I love the laughs we have, the songs we sing, and the stories we share. Everyone is very accepting of whoever wants to come, regardless of belief or questions, which made coming in with skepticisms so much easier.

Through the people at my church, I’ve realized that believing in a God isn’t about having someone to blame for your problems, but about having someone to help you through them.

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