January Joys: Creative Minds

Have you ever thought about the sheer quantity of things like books, TV shows, movies, web series, art, and clothes? All of the things that come from a burst of creativity, and end up making so many people happy?

As I watched A Very Potter Musical with a friend earlier, I couldn’t help but think about it. Someone had to think of how to construct music and lyrics to not only create a new story, but also to reference the old one.

There are a ton of web series that do this. Many classics (Sense and Sensibility, Much Ado About Nothing, Emma, etc.) have at least a few different web series each.

TV shows are also interesting because someone starts an idea, not knowing if it will continue for one season (Firefly) or eleven seasons (Supernatural).

I’m thankful for all of these creative minds, making things that make me laugh and cry and smile fondly. I’m glad I can go through journeys with other people as I read and watch. So keep up the good work, all of you who create this content I just eat up!

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