The Disconnect and the Disinterest

A problem is a disconnect between two things. It's this itch of, "That's not right." It's, "This could be better," or "This isn't complete." Over the last year, I've noticed a problem between how adults experience design thinking at my school, and how students experience it. We have fuse, CoI, EdLeader21, and other events were … Continue reading The Disconnect and the Disinterest


MoVe(ing) Design Thinking into Our World

The 25th and 26th were¬†filled with design thinking. My school, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, hosts an education convention on the Upper School campus that both teaches and uses design thinking and the name of this year's convention was Fuse14. Design thinking is about as easy to describe in words as describing the actions of walking … Continue reading MoVe(ing) Design Thinking into Our World