Trees and Ecosystems

(This was written in 20 minutes, please forgive mistakes). Nature is an interesting thing. As humans, we've been studying and using and talking about nature since practically our beginning, but we are not separate of nature. We don't create nature, yet we sometimes act as if we do. In Norse Mythology, the Tree of Life … Continue reading Trees and Ecosystems


Essential Qualities of a High School Graduate

(This was written in 20 minutes, so please excuse any mistakes) In Part 2 of #EdJourney, Grant Lichtman has his master list of the “Essential Qualities of a High School Graduate” which is comprised of words that high schoolers came up with. Some of these words seemed pretty similar to me at first glance, so … Continue reading Essential Qualities of a High School Graduate

Senior Study

(This was written on a 30 minute timer, so please excuse errors) As a high school student, I've been looking at a lot of colleges and trying to figure out what the next steps are. I started reading Grant Lichtman's #EdJourney the other day and one of the ideas that kept coming back to me … Continue reading Senior Study