January Joys: My Dad

An Open Letter To My Dad Dear Dad, Thank you. Thank you for changing my diapers when I was a baby, for feeding me when I was crying in the middle of the night, and for playing with me when you had a chance. Thank you for doing such a good job recording my growth … Continue reading January Joys: My Dad


January Joys: The Innovation Diploma Facilitators

Innovation Diploma has some pretty cool facilitators in the forms of Mr. Adams, Mr. Boden, Mrs. Cureton, and Mr. Edwards. Over the past couple of years, I've gotten to know each of them well, and they've gotten to know me. When I was a freshman, Mr. Adams scared me a little. He was this strange … Continue reading January Joys: The Innovation Diploma Facilitators

January Joys: Letter Writing

I find something very calming about hand-writing a letter. Something very calming about thinking about each word, watching the letters form on the page, and knowing it will make someone smile. Last year, a friend introduced me to the idea of writing letters to people by writing me one when she knew I was struggling … Continue reading January Joys: Letter Writing


January Joys: Creative Minds

Have you ever thought about the sheer quantity of things like books, TV shows, movies, web series, art, and clothes? All of the things that come from a burst of creativity, and end up making so many people happy? As I watched A Very Potter Musical with a friend earlier, I couldn't help but think about it. … Continue reading January Joys: Creative Minds


January Joys: Church

I go to a pretty cool church with some pretty cool people. There was once a time I was probably a borderline atheist. Not because I didn't think a God could possibly exist, but because I didn't see how it could impact my life in any way. I also didn't want to have someone to … Continue reading January Joys: Church


January Joys: My Mom

I realize I haven't posted the last couple of days, but I also haven't been on my laptop the last couple of days, but I'm going to to catch up now because I had ideas for these posts. I know it's not even remotely near Mother's Day, but I wanted to take some time to … Continue reading January Joys: My Mom


January Joys: Smiles

I don't think anything shows joy better than smiles, so I suppose that with how much I smile it makes sense that I have a lot of things to be joyful about. I like smiling, and laughing. I try to surround myself with happy and funny people in a quest to increase the number of … Continue reading January Joys: Smiles