What have you learned about leadership?

BEFORE the week at Stanford’s d.school... I often saw teams being lead by one or two people, and the leaders often didn’t change. Sometimes one person was the leader for multiple projects, taking that role because no one else stepped up to lead.  I often heard people complain about the “bossy” leaders because they felt … Continue reading What have you learned about leadership?


The Journey

One of the things I've heard at some point in time at every design thinking event I've ever gone to is, "This process is not linear. Sometimes you'll empathize before you discover, and sometimes you'll experiment before you empathize. Different steps make sense in different places depending on the problem you are facing," and I … Continue reading The Journey

My Ah-ha Moments

(This was originally written on September 27th, but for various reasons wasn't put up until today. However, as I've made this new promise to ignore when things aren't perfect as I map out my thinking, I thought it was about time I put it up.) For the past few weeks in Innovation Diploma, we’ve been … Continue reading My Ah-ha Moments