January Joys: TGIF

It has been a long week. It has been a long week of classes and practices and worries and stress. And I'm so grateful for its end. I'm always happy when Friday comes around. It means two days of pretending like I can have some "me time." Two days of doing things I don't have … Continue reading January Joys: TGIF


Weekly Reads

Quick introduction: Alright, so I've wanted to do a blogging challenge for a while, and why this will not exactly be the type of challenge people usually do, it will be challenging enough for a busy high schooler. Each week, I will create a blog post with all of my "reads" of the week. I … Continue reading Weekly Reads

Research and Curiosity

A few days ago, my teacher Mrs. Cureton wrote a blog post in response to my blog postĀ More OptionsĀ and I meant to do this post earlier this week, but I got distracted by other stuff. I suggest you go read at least her post for this to make any sense. Go ahead. I can wait. … Continue reading Research and Curiosity