Innovation Diploma 3: Bug Lists and EdLeader21

I would like to start by giving an absolutely MASSIVE apology for it being so long. I was supposed to write this a few weeks ago, but I kept being distracted by other things and suddenly here we are now. Unfortunately, because it’s been so long, I don’t remember many specifics, so this will be a very general post.

I remember that one of the things that happened was Anya put up a “Bug List” poster on which people could write down what bugs them. It was pretty popular and I would come down the stairs (it was in the stairwell) and see people grouped around it all the time. Unfortunately, it was taken down, and because we don’t know who took it down, we don’t get to see everything everyone wrote.

We also worked in groups to design our interim experiences. Interim takes place during second semester, the week before spring break, and is an opportunity to bond with people you wouldn’t normally spend time with either on campus of off campus. I’m not entirely sure what people on campus will be doing this year, but people off campus have opportunities to take an Outward Bounds trip in Florida, explore Italy or Costa Rica, learn more about design thinking in California, or visit colleges in New York, just to name a few. Innovation Diploma was given an opportunity to create a week with different things we would like to do over Interim week for those in ID that stay on campus. We started with 4 groups, which combined into 2, and pitched the two ideas to the head of Interim week and received feedback. We are not completely done with our plans and will probably continue to work on those soon.

As I have stated before, I want to do an iVenture involving education. I am not sure, however, what exactly in the vast field of education I want to do. Therefore, I asked Mr. Adams one day for help. He gave me a list of resources to use and search through in order to find something that really jumps out at me. I have slowly been making my way through that. In addition to that, I have been working on my board, which is a piece of black foam core on which I can add anything I like and that interests me.

I also participated in EdLeader21 (and it would probably be better for you to search what exactly that is if you are interested rather than have me explain it because I probably won’t do it correctly). The part I helped with was a grouping of educators from all over at an event my school and another called Albemarle County Public Schools. The design thinking challenge that educators faced was “How Might We design learning environments that promote the 4C’s?” Again, it was great to watch adults go through the process of design thinking and create something that both students and teachers would be comfortable in. I had to run to a meeting before the get-together ended, so I unfortunately didn’t get to see the product the teachers who interviewed me created, but I heard that it was really good and they were sad I didn’t get to see it. Anya also did a very long post about this (found here).

Now to see what this week holds and (hopefully) do a better job of consistently blogging.


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